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How to work?

A set of practical guidelines for better collaboration and communication, to create a common understanding of digital tools and practices among all staff members.


Practices that can help you work better


Something is

You can suggest new practices and keep in touch with MSF ambassadors of Digital Transformation.

Questions or comments? Email us

Your essential toolbox


Your chat, calendar, calls all in one place: most of the work-life happens there


The respository of all MSF materials, information and documents - look there if you search for something

One Drive

Your personal space and suite of tools to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations


Online whiteboard that support running collaborative sessions at distance - a lot of fun!

Outlook Calendar

The collector of all your appointments - use it to schedule meetings and organize your week

Ambassador who?

We spread innovation and good practices.

An ambassador of Digital Transformation at MSF Italy is an internal focal point who disseminates good practices related to digital and innovation, and collects feedback from all colleagues.